The Cheesemakers Special

This wonderful cheese has been an absolute winner for both our staff and customers alike. We sourced this amazing product from Alsop & Walker – An exciting dairy established in 2008 and based close to us in East Sussex. They even produced a cheese for the London 2012 Olympics!

Said to be a cross between a Mayfield (a semi hard wax coated cheese made from full fat pasteurised cow’s milk) and a Comte (swiss-type or alpine cheese) – it’s matured for 14 months using different starter cultures.

Its calcium lactate crystals throughout give it an almost crunchy texture. Aged for 14 months this fruity cheese has wonderful salted caramel undertones and a flavour that just keeps going and going. Simply delicious.

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  1. As a cheese novice, can you give me examples of what common cheeses might be referred to as a Mayfield, e.g. is it like Edam, and a Comte? and, are these terms European or are they recognized cheese types across the globe?
    I am really enjoying learning about the cheeses, and the stories behind them!

    • Hello Sheryl, The Mayfield Swiss is a Emmental style cheese from a town in Sussex call Mayfield, the main difference of the Mayfield to a classic Emmental is that it has a very slight tang on the end and is more fruity than nutty in comparison.

      Best Regards
      Barney’s Deli