La Vecchia Balsamic Vinegar




The vineyards around Modena in the Northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna are renowned for the production of the Trebbiano grape from which Balsamic Vinegar is made. La Vecchia Dispensa, a family company, make their balsamic vinegar in the traditional way, ageing them in barrels made from varying woods including oak, mulberry, juniper, ash, chestnut and cherry. It has developed an intensity of flavour that will transform a salad or a sauce with just a few drops.

The Tasting Set is an ideal introduction to the variants of balsamic vinegar. The different ages result in different thickness and viscosity, the older the vinegar the sweeter and more caramel-like it becomes.

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8 Year old Balsamic Vinegar, 10 Year old Balsamic Vinegar, 15 Year old Balsamic Vinegar, 20 Year old Balsamic Vinegar


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