Bartie’s Chutney – Spiced Aubergine Chutney 310g


Barties Sussex Faire is owned and run by John Bartlett, having started in 2008 as a hobby-business it is now a full-time concern.

All of the products are made by ?Bartie? in his extended, fully inspected and approved, home kitchen using traditional methods with small batch sizes.

The only other workers are direct family members.

He sources many ingredients from local suppliers where possible, and also uses local small-firms to provide services too ? thereby adding to the local economy.

Some fruit he grows himself ? or sources from a local network of private individuals who have surplus items when in season.

He can be found ? in all weathers! ? at various Markets and Food-Related Fairs and events.

The range of products is extensive ? and varied ? something for all tastes.

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