Honestly Tasty Veganzola

Veganzola Blue Cheese

Wow! Delicious.

Vegan cheeses are often justly/unjustly maligned. On crackers, bread, in a sandwich – or even naked – this ‘Veganzola’ really does seem to quell those criticisms. It certainly wouldn’t appear out of place on any ‘normal’ cheeseboard and is definitely a conversation piece. Pure alchemy!

Honestly Tasty was founded in Haringey in 2018. According to the website “Mike closed the door on corporate banking and founded Honestly Tasty. After months of experimenting, Mike landed on a winner, Veganzola (now known affectionately, as ‘Blue’)”.

At Barney’s, we’re always trying out innovative dairy alternatives to try to bring you the very best of what we find! This ‘Blue’ has been an absolute revelation. So smooth, creamy and utterly surprising.

We love Mike’s story and are proud to stock this genuinely delicious, dairy-free indulgence.

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